Friday, July 6, 2012

Checking In

I said that I would try and keep up with this blog but it has not been easy. A mixture of work and illness has prevented me from writing as often as I'd like. Some time ago when in South America I cut my hand and lifted some sort of parasite which left me with a condition which is not a million miles from malaria - in fact they treat me for it with quinine sulphate.

It has also triggered a condition which is akin to Menieres Disease which is like the onset of vertigo and means you can't really stand up which is what I've been suffering from recently. It would appear to be triggered by sleep so you get up in the morning and the bedroom is going round. They can't treat you for it only "manage" it which is a bit frustrating because it means you can't work until the treatment kicks in. And worst of all there was a problem with my main television and it had to be left in - so no Sky. Sitting around waiting for the thing to pass and no television in my living room!

The good thing is that the condition seems to affect me in blocks - the last one was several years ago, so hopefully it'll eventually pass. Anyway, just at the minute I'm taking each day at a time. Been clear for a few days now. Problem of leading a kind of nomadic life. I can't even look at a computer screen when the thing's affecting me without being ill so haven't had a chance to get too much writing done. But have actually managed to do some more on the Carnival of Dark Dreams and fingers crossed that will be out sometime next year.

And another bit of news - Gina and I have finished our edit on A Haunted Mind which has now gone to the printers. It should be in all good booksellers soon. Still planning to come to Wyoming and am busy finalising some plans to be there in September.

Working too on the new Jackers book which might be on your websites sooner than you think. It'll need a bit of editing but it looks like it could be ready to go very soon. The summer here's a bit of a washout - severe flooding in some parts of the Province though thankfully not here. I live at the top of a hill anyway. Off to get something to eat but as soon as this condition clears completely will be back at this blog. Thanks for your patience and to those who wrote to me many, many thanks

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  1. Dr Bob - there's one thing that works a treat for vertigo (which is surely all due to poor blood supply/circulation,whatever the causatory illness?) As I know from experience, it's a simple over-the-counter herbal remedy (even the ones from the pound shop will work - if only they still stocked them where I live!) It is: gingko biloba. Works like magic.

    Some ginger and some garlic, fresh or encapsulated, can't hurt either. The latter will probably make your blood a lot less palatable to parasites!

    Also green tea and nettle tea - available in bags - are also good for the blood.

    Yours with all good wishes, Liz. (@oneoflokis on Twitter - are you on Twitter? I know your name from somewhere! :) )