Sunday, June 17, 2012

Carnival of Dark Dreams

All right! All right! I did say that I'd try to maintain this blogspot more frequently. I've been up to my eyes with a few projects - some of which are community related - and really haven't had the time to get near it.

Thanks to all you people who wrote directly to me and I've tried to reply personally to as many as I can. To others, please be patient and I will get round to answering all your mails.

The Haunted Mind book is getting ready for printing. Gina and I have more or less completed the final edits and the publicity company has been in contact regarding the campaign - so that will begin this week coming I think.

I'm also getting ready to sort things out for a trip to Wyoming. It's my first trip to the States in about 40 years and I've never been to Wyoming so it should be exciting. Hopefully everything will be fine. And maybe next year there might be a trip to Los Angeles - it's being talked about. There have been so many invites to the States and elsewhere for which I'm really grateful and I didn't want to continually say no. So it looks like Wyoming is on.

I'm also doing a new book - not for Career this time - with an artist named Andy Paciorek which is called Carnival of Dark Dreams. It's looking at some strange creatures that you won't find anywhere else - things from the fringes of folklore and legend. It's very demanding but a whole lot of fun and Andy's illustrations are incredibly well suited to what we're trying to do. If you want to see some of the material look on his own blogspot.

As yet we're still talking about a new book for Career and I'll let you know when we've decided. The publishing market is very slow at the moment but A Haunted Mind (August Publication) and American Vampires (October publication) are waiting in the wings.

Everybody tells me that this is a really slow year both for publishers and writers with everyone being very cautious. I suppose that we'll just have to see it through. I really can't get over how quiet it's been. But I am looking forward to the trip to the States and seeing what's going on there. Will try to write a bit more frequently and that's a promise. Hopefully befoe the end of the month. 

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