Friday, April 15, 2011

Very Creepy

It's been a busy week as I try to get a lot of things cleared up in my community work before the onset of the Easter holidays. I chair a few community committees and after the beginning of the new financial year on 6th April there's always a lot to do, so the writing has sort of moved into the back seat but not quite.

I'm still working on the new book for New Page - The World's Creepiest Places - and this is now between half and three quarter ways done. There are some very creepy places in there - some I've been to and some I've done research on, so when it comes out buy a copy and see what you think.

The hardest part has been deciding what to include and what to omit - but then that's always the way. Ian Daniels who's been working on some of the interior illustrations has sent me down some of the artwork and believe me it's well up to and beyond his usual standard, especially the wraparound cover.

The publication month for the new book is October but this means that I have to have the complete text done by June which is something of a marathon but it looks like we're going to make it. Advance copies should be out in September I would think.

In the meantime I gather there's another book in which I'll have a part due out soon. This one is a collection of articles from New Page's authors on the subject of Ghosts and Hauntings and is edited by my old friends Michael Pye and Kirsten Dalley. You can have a read whilst you're waiting - an article on Poltergeists. And the new Zombie book which is published by Barrons seems to be selling well.

Then I'm back trying to twist New Page's arm on a new book - I'm still up for Unseen Forces or a book on Lovecraft but we'll see what they say. Oh, and a book that I'm reviewing for New Page is an excellent new book by Lamont Wood who's from Texas I believe. I'm not sure when it's coming out but I'd keep an eye for it - really good.

I'm going to take a bit of a break for a couple of weeks to get a bit of a rest and enjoy Easter. 2011 has been frantic going so far and I could do with a bit of a break. I'll do a bit of work on the book but there's a lot of television to catch up on and plenty of walks. Will keep you posted...

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