Sunday, April 15, 2012

American Vampires

A lot of people have been in contact with me asking me when American Vampires is coming out. I'm really flattered that there's so much interest. My answer is that it will be later this year - I'm told that it's not even been pre-advertised for pre-order on Amazon as yet so it's a little way off yet. But do keep watching.

Note from the publisher - American Vampires is set to ship in September for an October publication.  Click Here for More Information.

Before that we have A Haunted Mind coming out which will be at the end of the summer. Gina and I are looking through the edit now and it looks like there will be very little to change so we can maybe go for earlier than we had anticipated. And then we're through to American Vampires! Keep watching.

A number of others have asked if there'll be another book coming out before the end of the year or maybe next. I don't know. I've been talking to Career about a couple of projects but we haven't agreed anything yet. There's also a possible book with an Irish publisher on highwaymen - there's a lot of local interest here about that one - but once again nothing's firmly agreed. The publishing world is in such turmoil everywhere, it's difficult to tie future books down but if things work out you'll be the first to know.

I'm busy writing a couple of things on football at the moment - yes, I am a big football fan nd follow the English Leagues. Mary, my wife, is a huge Arsenal fan so when they lose there's really no living with her. My son is Manchester United - whom I'[m not keen on. My own team - I got into this when I lived in the East End of London years ago - is West Ham who are in the Championship. However, I have a strong feeling that they could make their way back into the Premiership under Sam Allerdyce. They won 6-0 yesterday against Brighton which has restored my faith. So writing something about that for local magazines. I'm told there is another Bob Curran who is an American football coach - maybe he and I should meet up some day.

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