About Me

Dr. Bob Curran was born and raised in a remote mountain area of County Down in Northern Ireland.  Leaving school at 14, he worked in a number of jobs including lorry driver, professional musician, journalist, and even as a scripter of comics.  He travelled extensively in many countries before returning home to settle down and work in the Civil Service.  Later, he went to University where he obtained degrees in education, history and educational psychology, whereupon graduating as a teacher.

Although he still teaches, much of his work is now regarding community development within Northern Ireland, in this capacity, he acts as a consultant to a number of cultural bodies within the province.  He he deals with cross-border matters with the Irish Republic, working for the Office of the First and Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland.

Sitting on a number of cultural communities, Curran has also worked directly as a governmental advisor and as a consultant to several bodies which have been set up by other governments.  He also acts as a consultant to a number of tourism companies, giving lectures and conducting tours on many topics of local and national Irish history.

As a writer, Curran has been extremely prolific and has approximately 38 books to his name mainly on the subjects of history and culture.  In addition, he has a number of works published in other languages including Japanese, Italian, French, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Spain and Mexico), German, Urdu and Latvian.  He has also served as a contributor and and consultant to various radio and television programs both for private companies and national networks.

Married and with a young family, Curran continues to live in Northern Ireland on picturesque North Derry coast, not far from the celebrated Giant's Causeway.