Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Christmas

It's been a while - October in fact - since I've done anything on the blogs. The reason for that is that the last couple of months have been very busy and I've been slightly injured by being accidentally and peripherally caught up in the riots which have been taking place in Northern Ireland over flags and emblems. I'm recovering slowly although I can't sit for a long period of time in the one position, nor can I drive for long distances at the moment  but I'm getting there.

A lot of my work has been in the community field over the last few months and I've not been doing as much writing as I would have liked. Still, American Vampires seems to be doing well and I'm inundated for interviews - one with the prestigious Huffington Post so keep an eye out for that.

I've also a new book out in the Middle East and did an interview in  Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania recently. I'm also getting a bit of publicity in Russia as I appeared as a kind of presenter/expert on the a programme of vampires on the First Channel in  Moscow. Still planning a trip to Iceland as well once these injuries are fully better.

I'm MCing a Junior Rock School this afternoon - part of a youth project that I've been working on - and then home to rest and watch a bit of football. West Ham plays Everton this afternoon but it'll be a tricky game and they might not do it. David Moyes team - Everton - have been playing incredibly well this year but we'll see what Big Sam's boys can do.

In the meantime I hope every one of you have an extremely Happy Christmas and a Preposterous New Year. I won't leave it so long the next time and will talk to you all then

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