Friday, February 17, 2012

Lovecraft and Vampires

I haven't been keeping this blog up to date because things have been hectic. I've had a few medical problems - nothing major but taking up time - and I've been playing catch-up since. The health service here in Northern Ireland is a bit of a mess and I've been back and forth to get various medial tests don whilst they determine several things. With the result that I'm running behind on the Lovecraft book. However I've hopefully sorted things out with the terrific help of Gina my editor and we're certainly on track for publication.

I was barely out of hospital when there were problems with one of the community projects that I'm working on which required my time as I'm chair of the entire project. That held me up as well but New Page have been very understanding and Gina and I are working towards a final edit. So the book shouldn't be delayed.

American Vampires is also generating a lot of interest. I was on the Barb Adams show last weekend and we could really have talked for much longer. Barb very kindly e-mailed me and invited me back for a more in-depth interview. Some of the things which we were going over on the Vampires book - for example a vampire chair and a vampire well - seem to have appealed to her. So listen out for that when the book comes out - I should be doing several interviews.

Oh and went to see The Woman in Black as part of a birthday treat - Valentine's Day is my birthday. It was excellent in places - lots of spooky atmosphere although I wasn't too impressed with Daniel Radcliffe's acting which seemed a bit wooden to me. Very much like Harry Potter for my liking. But it did have good bits - even if some pieces were borrowed from other ghost stories - and it really is good to see a really spooky story on screen instead of what passes for "horror" these days. Now if somebody would do A Turn of the Screw by Henry James which is also one of my favourite ghost stories and works on a lot of levels. But I also do like Susan Hill's book - one of the better stories - and I did like the film. Go and see it

Shouldn't be too long for the Lovecract book - I think it's due out late Summer/early Fall. And this will give me a little time - we're already starting to think about follow up - to look at Jackers and get it onto the Amazon website. Tell you about that next blog but it's coming. Off now to get something to eat but will be back soon

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